Building complete connectivity within your smart home requires a strong support network which will allow it to perform at its highest level. To get the most out of your new automated system, installing a robust home network ensures that each device continues to function as expected, without having to time or balance when certain resources are put to use.
We are on hand to support your network to find the right solution for you. Once we understand how your home operates and the requirements of each device connected to your smart home, we can quickly find a way to ensure their performance levels never suffer so they can be used as intended.


An AVA Concept home network system complements your existing smart home set-up and creates a platform for you to expand without fear of affecting performance levels. Your laptop, smartphone, TV and many other devices will rely heavily on your wireless network, and our experience allows us to optimise each aspect of your home so you can focus on using making Wi-Fi calls, streaming music and watching TV without concern.
However, not everything in the home will benefit from a wireless connection. Streaming video content works far more easily on a wired connection. This will improve your entertainment value when watching high resolution movies or online videos, and also stabilises picture quality on any security cameras you may have on the premises.

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